A Month in Review: September 2017

Hello interwebs! I am back with my usual and beloved ” Month in review series”. So without further delay, let’s get into it.


September is always a month of stress. It’s the first month of school which means the first few tests and quizzes and getting into the groove of the new school year. For those of us in college, we are getting used to living in a new place, being an adult, and adjusting to college life in general. With this stress also comes lots of self-discovery, new beginnings, and new adventures for us to explore in the coming months.

If you continually read my blog, you know that for me, September was a month of anxiety. Being in a new place and away from home made me come to terms with new anxiety problems. However, that being said it also lead me to understand the main focus of my anxiety and insecurities and introduced me to new things that I can do to combat those. Along with this, like I mentioned previously, there was a lot of self-discovery. I realized how much I missed doing art and that Japanese wasn’t something that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. This gave me not only a calming feeling that I’ve made a good choice but also that my future is more certain and more organized.

As for new beginnings, I am starting a new small business/ artistic venture in creating my own pins. I have loved and collected Disney Pins since I was a small child so when this new craze of Enamel Pins and or Lapel pins I thought it was the perfect way to make those pin creating dreams come true. As of right now, I am only selling them to the students at my college but I will expand if it comes to that. If you want to check them out I will be uploading my designs on the ” Paper Airplane Co.” Facebook page. I am super excited about it and I am interested to see how they all turn out!

For my advice this month, I want to tell you to give yourself time and care. Sometimes it will take you a little longer to do things, a little longer to understand things, and a little longer to figure things out; and that’s okay. We need to realize that everyone does things differently and we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others or put ourselves down because we can’t-do something the same way as someone else. Keep taking care of yourself, keep loving yourself and keep moving forward.

Love and hugs,



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