Internet Beauty Hacks Tested: Activated Charcoal Whitening Treatment

Hello Interwebs! Today I am going to be starting a new series of testing internet beauty/lifestyle hacks to see if they are hopeless or helpful!

Today’s post will be focusing on this internet trend that I found extremely interesting; using activated charcoal powder, or toothpaste as a means of whitening your teeth almost instantly without having to use chemicals. I originally found this on Instagram, but quickly saw it on Buzzfeed’s youtube channel a few days later. To explain, activated charcoal is used in many beauty treatments including face masks, acne treatments, and bath scrubs. It is a common whitening and brightening treatment so moving it from the face to the teeth isn’t such a crazy idea.

Now, onto the testing. For my particular trial run, I went over to Sprouts and got some Activated charcoal tablets. Mine were in a pill shape with a plastic cover in order to keep the charcoal in. The lady who was working there said that they were popular with teen girls so she knew exactly what I was talking about. When it actually came time to testing it, I popped open the pill and dumped all of the black powdery contents into my hand. After dampening my brush I continued to brush my teeth as normal. I was surprised at how it really didn’t have much of a taste. The only thing I noticed, besides making my teeth look momentarily like a pirate, was the chalky texture. Once I was done, it took a few good swishes of water to get all of the powder out of my mouth and back to normal.

As for the results, I was incredibly surprised. Normally I am very skeptical about internet trends, because well, it is the internet. However, with Prom coming up and me dreading my usual whitening treatment ( which really tastes like I’m drinking bleach) I wanted to try something that, from my research, seemed quick and effective. I was really surprised about how well it whitened my teeth. I usually have some staining from drinking tea, and all of that was gone in an instant.

Overall, without a doubt, this is a helpful beauty hack!

Well that just about does it! Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you want to see more posts like these.

Stay cute,



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