Learning Lessons: What I’ve Learned From Continuing Film

Hello Interwebs! Today I am going to be discussing my latest film shoot and what I’ve learned since the creation of my first film. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you may remember a post talking about my first time film and all of the trials and tribulations that went along with that.

For this most recent shoot, we decided to film an alternate storyline to a web series that I have been working on for quite some time but never got to shoot ( you should totally check us out @Snapdragonproductions). Basically, the story was in a medieval fantasy setting in which my character, Lizabeth, comes to find Kylar, my boyfriend’s character, and in a twist of fate he ends up using her to kill the adjacent kingdom’s son and then subsequently kills her. I was really excited about the story because I was playing a version of my character that was so unlike her normal personality.

For starters, this shoot went so incredibly well. I could have never imagined how much of an impact having a great crew is. Since I was acting in this film, I really needed my crew to step up their game so that I could focus on trying to do the best job I could. Along those lines, I also found out that I don’t really make all that many facial expressions ( which is partly due to me not being the best actress). Overall, the shoot went ahead of schedule and much smoother than I could have ever anticipated.

On the downside, we ended up not being able to film one of the scenes so the story seems slightly rushed but for a student short film, I am extremely proud of the result. Comparing this to my last shoot, I have learned so much about film in general and of course dealing with people schedules, and of course learning how to act. Like I’ve said the filming itself went very smoothly, but getting to that point wasn’t smooth sailing at all. It was really difficult for us to get our story approved in the first place, and getting actors and locations was extremely difficult, not only because of the genre but because of everyone’s busy schedules.

Lessons learned: One, sometimes things just don’t work and they need to be fixed. That happened with us and our script multiple times. As frustrating as it was, I really had a passion for these characters and this story, so I wanted to push my plans as much as possible. Two, sometimes people can surprise you. I was really shocked about my cast and crew and how well and dedicated everyone was to the project. Granted, some of them have grades on the line, but the actors who volunteered did such an amazing job and were so easy to work with it made the experience worthwhile.

Well, that just about does it today folks! If you want to see my student film you can find us on all social media platforms as @SnapdragonProductions.


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