A Blog post about thoughts: A teenager’s survival guide to showing their importance

Hello, interwebs! Today I wanted to write a blog post about something that has become more conscious to me in my everyday life, and it’s something I believe that hasn’t been expressed that needs to be.

As a seventeen-year-old, it’s sometimes difficult to get adults to respect your thoughts. Even though I am approaching adulthood myself, adults still have a difficult time understanding that thoughts should be respected regardless of age. In my most recent events, this fact has been coming to my attention more and more. I always remembered teachers that never took anything their students said seriously, but I didn’t realize how big of a problem it is until this recent stage in my life.

Therefore, I started wondering. Where did this idea start that children cannot have complex and valid thoughts? Curious, I did some research. In my parents’ generation, children were expected to only speak when spoken to and that they couldn’t even have a moral compass until the age of 12 ( that coming from a more religious standpoint, but I found it interesting nonetheless). After reading that ( and much more of course)I came to a conclusion, the teaching of child upbringing transferred into the parents of my generation thus creating the epidemic that is this lack of logic.

Of course, I know that every generation comes to this struggle. The everlasting contradiction of parents never learning to take their children seriously. History always repeats itself but I question why such a practice, like many other worse things in modern society, continue to strive. For this question, I could not find an answer.As this train of thought continued, I pondered that maybe a psychological factor is at play. Is it possible that parents are enraged by the thought provoking ideas of their children because they cannot come up with logical arguements to contradict them?

I digress, I could wonder about this topic for days. I have a message to leave with you, whoever could be reading this. All thoughts, wether logical or illogical, deserve a level of respect regardless of age,gender,religious beliefs, etc. even from teenagers that, and I quote, ” haven’t had the life experience to develop opinions”. To my fellow teens possibly struggling with this same issue, continue to persist. If you have a valid, logical aruguement and reasoning to back something up, know in your own heart and mind that you have made the right decision. Furthermore, I have come to realise that making decisions to please everyone else is no way to live a life. If you strongly believe something, or strongly appose something, stick with that thought and let no one sway you; be strong willed but not stubborn.

Hopefully this article wasn’t too negative, against my usual tone. Sometimes there are things that you want to express, and sometimes only written word will make do.

Keep on Keeping on.



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