April: A Month in Review

Hello, Interwebs! Today I will be doing my usual review and look back at this month of April.

As many of you know, college is slowly approaching. One month left of school and then I will officially be a college student, which is pretty nerve-wracking if you ask me. This time is sort of melancholy, in the way that I am really excited about college, but I am also really sad about having to leave my family and my boyfriend; both of which I won’t be seeing for a long time as soon as I leave.

Besides all of the college stuff, April is time for fun memories. Prom ( being on the day I’m writing this) which will be a night of fun and dancing which I will hopefully remember as being one of the best nights of high school. Soon after, I have all of my May events including; May the fourth be with you, Senior Trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, and the renaissance faire. All of which should be fun and exciting creating lots of memories for me to look back on for the rest of my life.

April is also a time of new beginnings. With spring coming in, there is this new sense of energy and importance. I always see myself becoming more productive and more motivated during this time of the year, so hopefully, some of that energy can inspire some of you to do things that you wish you had been doing.

Spring is also a time for self-care. Recently, my friend vowed that she would help me get in shape, as well as help me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. If you are constant readers of mine, first, that’s super cool so thanks, second, you would know that I am taking this month to really focus on my mental illness and to really find ways to help and heal myself both mentally and physically.

Overall, my advice for this month is to take care. It’s always important to take care of yourself and to really be honest with yourself about your own health. Take some time to sit and relax as well as be productive and do the things you’ve been wanting to accomplish.

Stay safe, Stay healthy,



Internet Beauty Hacks Tested: Activated Charcoal Whitening Treatment

Hello Interwebs! Today I am going to be starting a new series of testing internet beauty/lifestyle hacks to see if they are hopeless or helpful!

Today’s post will be focusing on this internet trend that I found extremely interesting; using activated charcoal powder, or toothpaste as a means of whitening your teeth almost instantly without having to use chemicals. I originally found this on Instagram, but quickly saw it on Buzzfeed’s youtube channel a few days later. To explain, activated charcoal is used in many beauty treatments including face masks, acne treatments, and bath scrubs. It is a common whitening and brightening treatment so moving it from the face to the teeth isn’t such a crazy idea.

Now, onto the testing. For my particular trial run, I went over to Sprouts and got some Activated charcoal tablets. Mine were in a pill shape with a plastic cover in order to keep the charcoal in. The lady who was working there said that they were popular with teen girls so she knew exactly what I was talking about. When it actually came time to testing it, I popped open the pill and dumped all of the black powdery contents into my hand. After dampening my brush I continued to brush my teeth as normal. I was surprised at how it really didn’t have much of a taste. The only thing I noticed, besides making my teeth look momentarily like a pirate, was the chalky texture. Once I was done, it took a few good swishes of water to get all of the powder out of my mouth and back to normal.

As for the results, I was incredibly surprised. Normally I am very skeptical about internet trends, because well, it is the internet. However, with Prom coming up and me dreading my usual whitening treatment ( which really tastes like I’m drinking bleach) I wanted to try something that, from my research, seemed quick and effective. I was really surprised about how well it whitened my teeth. I usually have some staining from drinking tea, and all of that was gone in an instant.

Overall, without a doubt, this is a helpful beauty hack!

Well that just about does it! Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you want to see more posts like these.

Stay cute,


High School and Anxiety: What I’ve Learned To Not Just Deal With It

Hello interwebs! Today I will be talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart and I think it’s something that many other people will relate to as well.

Anxiety and other mood disorders affect five out of ten people in the United States. That’s a lot of people who might be struggling with the same issues, with little to nothing spoken about it and what it’s actually like. Today, I will be talking a little bit about my own journey with mental illness and some things I have found that have helped me continue to grow throughout high school.

Anxiety is a difficult beast to deal with. On certain days it feels like the world could end at any moment and other days it feels what I can only describe as depression. It is different for everyone and some people, like myself, have become very good at hiding symptoms because of the stigma of being seen as someone with a mental illness. In the last year, I have become very ” in touch” with my anxiety and have decided that in order to free others like me of their fear of rejection, I should open up and be proud to ” show my battle scars” as it were. Anxiety also has its own stigma, due to the fact that most I’ve talked to consider a normal part of life. I think the hard thing for people ( who aren’t closely involved in their own mental Illness or know the struggles of others) to understand is that we aren’t talking about normal, everyday, stress. This is something that is debilitating for most and is something that can often take the normal out of their lives.

On a more happy note I would like to share a few, somewhat philosophical ways of looking and treating anxiety that was helpful to me, and hopefully will be helpful to some of you out there. For starters, knowing as much as you can about Anxiety and any other related mood disorders is extremely helpful. I think better understanding what is happening to you on a neural level is pretty validating. It reminds you that what you are struggling with is real and that there are thousands of people that struggle with the same things, and to me, that was extremely comforting. Second, I found that having at least one person you can trust is crucial. Unfortunately, too often people with mental illnesses are surrounded by people who don’t and refuse to try to understand what they are going through. I had this struggle and so I sought out to find at least one person who wanted to understand what I am going through and that person, fortunately, was my boyfriend. Having that support has been crucial for me as I am just starting to figure out the ins and outs of what it means to me and what I can do to combat the symptoms.

Finally, as cheesy as this may seem I’ve found meditation to be extremely helpful. Trust me, it isn’t some ” let’s sit by the fire and sing Kumbaya. It’s basically me sitting on my bed with my eyes closed listening to medieval fantasy radio on Pandora. Focusing on breathing and then thinking about the things that make me anxious and thinking about their rational/irrational qualities. Generally speaking, I will always be an advocate for introspection, especially when it is a battle of you vs your mind.

Personally, my own battle with anxiety has been a long and winding road. I’ve been struggling with it for as long as I can remember but never understood what I was feeling. Middle school, in particular, was rough for me because ( for those that know generalized anxiety) you are constantly anxious about everything and filled with self-doubt and self-depreciating thoughts. Mix that in with middle school and you can’t help but have a bad time. In more recent history, like I mentioned earlier, I have learned a lot about what it means to have generalized anxiety and how I can find ways to combat symptoms without simply denying that they exist. I share this with whoever is reading, because I want people to become more aware about mental illness, and that just because you have a mental illness doesn’t mean you are any less capable for sucess, happiness, and a fullness of life that normal people seem to think they have the only key to. Though trust me when I say, It’s more fun to be weird.

Sorry for the super long post, but I really wanted to get a message like this on the blog. I think it is extremely important to continue talking about mental illness and to help people understand that not all mental illness is depression or schizophrenia. I hope that some of you can be helped by this and always feel free to email me if you need someone in your life to support you.

Like someone, I loved told me once long ago, ” If no one else in this world needs you I do”.




For inspiration I shall leave you with this rather wonderful message from my boyfriend; ” I’m not going to pretend I can change or repair things that have happened to you in your past with mere words. But I can present you with some of my seventeen-year-old wisdom. Things that happened to us in our past, like the things you just shared with me, while they may be unfortunate or demeaning or painful to remember, they are, as you said, a part of who we are. Considering all that you said has happened to you, you could have turned out to be a depressed, sad, shut in. But here you are, a sweet fun understanding, pretty and intelligent young woman who managed to make her way into my life of all things. So I think that is worth quite a lot.



Learning Lessons: What I’ve Learned From Continuing Film

Hello Interwebs! Today I am going to be discussing my latest film shoot and what I’ve learned since the creation of my first film. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you may remember a post talking about my first time film and all of the trials and tribulations that went along with that.

For this most recent shoot, we decided to film an alternate storyline to a web series that I have been working on for quite some time but never got to shoot ( you should totally check us out @Snapdragonproductions). Basically, the story was in a medieval fantasy setting in which my character, Lizabeth, comes to find Kylar, my boyfriend’s character, and in a twist of fate he ends up using her to kill the adjacent kingdom’s son and then subsequently kills her. I was really excited about the story because I was playing a version of my character that was so unlike her normal personality.

For starters, this shoot went so incredibly well. I could have never imagined how much of an impact having a great crew is. Since I was acting in this film, I really needed my crew to step up their game so that I could focus on trying to do the best job I could. Along those lines, I also found out that I don’t really make all that many facial expressions ( which is partly due to me not being the best actress). Overall, the shoot went ahead of schedule and much smoother than I could have ever anticipated.

On the downside, we ended up not being able to film one of the scenes so the story seems slightly rushed but for a student short film, I am extremely proud of the result. Comparing this to my last shoot, I have learned so much about film in general and of course dealing with people schedules, and of course learning how to act. Like I’ve said the filming itself went very smoothly, but getting to that point wasn’t smooth sailing at all. It was really difficult for us to get our story approved in the first place, and getting actors and locations was extremely difficult, not only because of the genre but because of everyone’s busy schedules.

Lessons learned: One, sometimes things just don’t work and they need to be fixed. That happened with us and our script multiple times. As frustrating as it was, I really had a passion for these characters and this story, so I wanted to push my plans as much as possible. Two, sometimes people can surprise you. I was really shocked about my cast and crew and how well and dedicated everyone was to the project. Granted, some of them have grades on the line, but the actors who volunteered did such an amazing job and were so easy to work with it made the experience worthwhile.

Well, that just about does it today folks! If you want to see my student film you can find us on all social media platforms as @SnapdragonProductions.

Bullet Journaling: My first time and first impressions

Hello interwebs! Today I will be talking about my new introduction into bullet journaling and my first impressions of this widely popular way of planning. Now I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks now, so I’m going to do an updated impressions post as I continue to use this method.

For those of you that don’t know, bullet journaling is a type of planning in which you use a notebook with an index and page numbers in order to make a planner that is specifically catered to your style and needs. Usually, a bullet journal consists of a mix of planning and serious topics as well as journaling type pages. There is a whole website made by the creator of the Bullet Journal and I suggest taking a look at that website if you are seriously interested.

For me personally, I wanted to have a system where I could easily plan all of my school events but not have to keep spending money on stickers in order to make spreads look visually appealing. I also wanted something in which I could track more personal things and keep a look at my own mental health as the months go by. I was drawn to the bullet journal because of its customizability. Fully endless layouts and possibilities to fit my needs and wants, which is pretty darn cool.

That brings us to my bullet journal. While up in Seattle, I stopped at my favorite stationery store Kinokuya and got all of the needed supplies. I decided on a bright blue Leuchtturm 1917, with dotted paper, a Pilot Opt. 0.5 pencil, and some of the Mildliner highlighters ( which seemed like a must according to the bullet journal community). I first started in it at the airport on the way home and I’ve kept up with it since.

As for my first impressions, I am really loving it. It allows me to be really creative with spreads and have everything that I need there and accounted for. Now that I have my spread almost down pat It’s been really fun to sit down there and think of themes and what not to put in there. As for the notebook itself, I love the dotted paper and the notebook is so cute I can’t help but love to write in it. I would also totally recommend the Mildliners because they totally help add color to spreads without seeping through the paper.

Well, that just about does it. Please let me know if you want to see pictures of my spreads and if you want to see more things about bullet journaling in the future.

Happy spring everyone!



A Blog post about thoughts: A teenager’s survival guide to showing their importance

Hello, interwebs! Today I wanted to write a blog post about something that has become more conscious to me in my everyday life, and it’s something I believe that hasn’t been expressed that needs to be.

As a seventeen-year-old, it’s sometimes difficult to get adults to respect your thoughts. Even though I am approaching adulthood myself, adults still have a difficult time understanding that thoughts should be respected regardless of age. In my most recent events, this fact has been coming to my attention more and more. I always remembered teachers that never took anything their students said seriously, but I didn’t realize how big of a problem it is until this recent stage in my life.

Therefore, I started wondering. Where did this idea start that children cannot have complex and valid thoughts? Curious, I did some research. In my parents’ generation, children were expected to only speak when spoken to and that they couldn’t even have a moral compass until the age of 12 ( that coming from a more religious standpoint, but I found it interesting nonetheless). After reading that ( and much more of course)I came to a conclusion, the teaching of child upbringing transferred into the parents of my generation thus creating the epidemic that is this lack of logic.

Of course, I know that every generation comes to this struggle. The everlasting contradiction of parents never learning to take their children seriously. History always repeats itself but I question why such a practice, like many other worse things in modern society, continue to strive. For this question, I could not find an answer.As this train of thought continued, I pondered that maybe a psychological factor is at play. Is it possible that parents are enraged by the thought provoking ideas of their children because they cannot come up with logical arguements to contradict them?

I digress, I could wonder about this topic for days. I have a message to leave with you, whoever could be reading this. All thoughts, wether logical or illogical, deserve a level of respect regardless of age,gender,religious beliefs, etc. even from teenagers that, and I quote, ” haven’t had the life experience to develop opinions”. To my fellow teens possibly struggling with this same issue, continue to persist. If you have a valid, logical aruguement and reasoning to back something up, know in your own heart and mind that you have made the right decision. Furthermore, I have come to realise that making decisions to please everyone else is no way to live a life. If you strongly believe something, or strongly appose something, stick with that thought and let no one sway you; be strong willed but not stubborn.

Hopefully this article wasn’t too negative, against my usual tone. Sometimes there are things that you want to express, and sometimes only written word will make do.

Keep on Keeping on.