College Update: Where I’m actually going

Hello Interwebs! It seems that you guys really liked the sort of informal type blog post so I thought I’d make another one. Recently, I posted about my college acceptances and how I was going to commit to ASU. However, not even a week after that I got some pretty earth shattering news that (thankfully) changed where I could go to college.

I visited Arizona State for their “Admitted students day” earlier this month and loved the campus. It was huge, modern buildings mixed in with some old brick ones, and it was surrounded by lots and lots of things to do. On the downside, It was 91 outside and my pale skin was taking a beating. My dorms were a 3o minute walk ( with many stops for directions) from where I would be taking a majority of my classes. After taking the tour, walking the campus, and meeting some of the people I could potentially be taking classes with; I realized that I was almost depressed to have that school as my only option. I loved the campus and it seemed really nice but the people and the atmosphere weren’t anything near what I was looking for.

For those of you that don’t know, ASU is a known “Party School” and the students really show it. Just scrolling through the Class of 2021 facebook page, it was hard for me to find anyone that I had even a sliver of anything in common with. On the way home from Arizona I became more and more depressed. Was this the place I would have to go? Would I hate it so much that I would want to come home after the first semester?  I really didn’t want to do it but at that point, it seemed it was my only option.

A few days after I got home I got the incredible news that I got accepted into my first pick, The University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington. As you can imagine, I cried. A few minutes later I found out that I got a 14,000 dollar scholarship, in which more tears ensued. Of course the next day I accepted. I immediately looked at the facebook page and almost everyone on the page was someone I could easily be friends with. Nerds, gamers, artists, and writers; my people. I was so put at ease knowing that I was blessed enough to be able to go a school I could put my heart into.

So my message to you, one, don’t be discouraged if you feel you are out of options. Maybe something awesome will come through. Two, you will be placed where you are meant to be and regardless make the most of it.

Sorry about the long post but I hope it was interesting. Now that school is slowing down a little, expect more blog posts!

Stay Happy




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