3 More Months: Thoughts about going to college

Hello, interwebs! Today I just wanted to do a more casual, less structured blog post talking about my thoughts about getting ready to start college. In most recent events, I got accepted to 2 of my colleges and got a rather large scholarship for one, which honestly was a total surprise to me and just goes to show anyone can do it. After receiving that news I have started to look at my decision a little more seriously as it is right around the corner. Since I can’t really turn down scholarship money it looks like I’ll be committing to Arizona State University sometime in the next week.

That being said, there are some serious thoughts that go around such a time in your life. At first, I was really worried about even getting into a college at all. But now that that anxiety is more than dealt with there is this almost awkward sense of peace. For my fellow anxiety people, this sense of calm is usually very unsettling. However, this isn’t. After living most of my life fully believing that something like this would never happen, having it happen is the most gratifying thing. Not only to prove to people that I am capable of such and achievement but to prove to myself that I can actually do it.

Looking toward the future there are other things now that are starting to preoccupy my thoughts. Worries about roommates, hot Arizona weather, finding a way to eat and not gain the “freshman 15” ( when I despise working out), and most importantly my relationship turning long distance.

It’s something we have worried and hated talking about since we started dating at the beginning of this year. It isn’t so much a lack of trust, but a wonder if what we have will last over state lines. It really is a scary thing to think about. However, looking at the past 6 months we have been together I think we will be just fine.

If you aren’t a high school senior but you know someone who is, be nice to them right now. All we want is for people to tell us that we can make it on our own and we won’t screw it up somehow. Parents, I don’t care how much your child says they don’t want to hang out with you ( unless you are just a bad parent) hang out with them as much as you can, because you will miss each other when they are gone.

That’s about it for today. Sorry about the length but I think some people will find things like this rather interesting. If anyone else has similar feelings and questions email me! I’d love to talk to other seniors. Also, if you are also committing to ASU email me too! Who knows we could be future dorm mates.

Stay classy as always,



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