Character Creation: My basic character sheet

Hello, interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here, and today I will be walking through my basic character creation for any games that I run. I created this character sheet after sifting through many on the internet that I didn’t like. I wanted to create something generally easy to fill out for beginners but also something that gave a lot of depth to their character and allowed for character expansion throughout the game.

Before I get into my basic character sheet I have to mention a certain mindset that I ask my players to be in before filling one out. By this point, you should already have a pretty solid idea of who you want your character to be. That being said, when players of my games fill out character sheets I always remind them that these will be read by all of the other players. Why do I mention this? Metagaming. Metagaming is when you make decisions or actions based off of information that your character wouldn’t know but you do. I tell my players to leave certain crucial information out of their backstory ( public) in order to decrease the likelihood of metagaming.

Here is my basic character sheet. I’ll go through the more confusing points afterward.

Basic Character Sheet





Eye color: 

Hair color: 




Favorite Food: 





Weapon of choice: 


Moral Alignment: 

Special Abilities: 


Possibly Confusing Questions

-Weight: I add this in order to better gauge what the character looks like as well as it’s importance in certain situations. What if they are walking across floating barrels? Who knows sometimes knowing details like this can really make a difference

-Build: This just means how much muscle definition they have as well as their body type. If they have an especially hourglass figure, this would be the place to put it.

-Weakness: This can be mental or physical. For instance, your character could have an anger problem that can put them into bad situations or perhaps they will do anything for their loved ones no matter what the cost to them. Make it interesting.

-Temperament: This means how they act and think. Do they tend to be more pessimistic or optimistic? Are they easily frustrated? Details into the psyche of a character adds realness and depth

– Moral alignment: Just look up a moral alignment quiz and take it as your character. You will get answers like; lawful good, lawful evil etc.


I hope this helps you continue your character creation! Please let me know if you end up using this character sheet in your own game. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for cute pictures and more frequent posts!

Stay classy and keep adventuring,





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