My Disney Pin Collection: Inside look into an insane hobby

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here and today I will be giving you an inside look into my pin collection. I’m going to go through how I organize my pins, what is in each category, and what I look out for when I’m hunting for new pins! If you are even mildly interested in Disney Pin Trading this is the post for you. For more background information on my Disney Pin obsession, please read some of my earlier posts. Without further delay, let’s get started, shall we.


The Organization

I have a very specific way of organizing my pins. I like to first put them into 11 different categories. These categories include personal favorites, limited edition, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, Hotels/Parks, Attractions, catergoryDisney Paris, Rack Pins, Collections, Peter/Tink, and last but not least ‘Big 5’ pins. Each of these categories has a certain ranking that can determine which pins go where. For example, if a pin is a limited edition pin, it outranks any category.

What I collect and Why

Each pin trader has their own unique spin on what they collect and why they love to collect them. Some traders pick pins just for their value whereas most collect for sentimental value. When I look at a pin generally it’s because I love the show, movie, or character that it depicts. I also will collect limited edition pins just for the sake of having them. However, usually, I pick a pin because I want to remember the reason that I bought it. When I was little, we used to go to Disney World every thanksgiving, so naturally, I would buy a few ( okay maybe a lot) of pins to commemorate the trip. To this day I can still remember the reason and where I bought each pin in my collection

Following this post, I will attach pictures of all of the pins in my collection. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me I love talking about my collection!

Happy Trading!



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