Character Creation: My basic character sheet

Hello, interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here, and today I will be walking through my basic character creation for any games that I run. I created this character sheet after sifting through many on the internet that I didn’t like. I wanted to create something generally easy to fill out for beginners but also something that gave a lot of depth to their character and allowed for character expansion throughout the game.

Before I get into my basic character sheet I have to mention a certain mindset that I ask my players to be in before filling one out. By this point, you should already have a pretty solid idea of who you want your character to be. That being said, when players of my games fill out character sheets I always remind them that these will be read by all of the other players. Why do I mention this? Metagaming. Metagaming is when you make decisions or actions based off of information that your character wouldn’t know but you do. I tell my players to leave certain crucial information out of their backstory ( public) in order to decrease the likelihood of metagaming.

Here is my basic character sheet. I’ll go through the more confusing points afterward.

Basic Character Sheet





Eye color: 

Hair color: 




Favorite Food: 





Weapon of choice: 


Moral Alignment: 

Special Abilities: 


Possibly Confusing Questions

-Weight: I add this in order to better gauge what the character looks like as well as it’s importance in certain situations. What if they are walking across floating barrels? Who knows sometimes knowing details like this can really make a difference

-Build: This just means how much muscle definition they have as well as their body type. If they have an especially hourglass figure, this would be the place to put it.

-Weakness: This can be mental or physical. For instance, your character could have an anger problem that can put them into bad situations or perhaps they will do anything for their loved ones no matter what the cost to them. Make it interesting.

-Temperament: This means how they act and think. Do they tend to be more pessimistic or optimistic? Are they easily frustrated? Details into the psyche of a character adds realness and depth

– Moral alignment: Just look up a moral alignment quiz and take it as your character. You will get answers like; lawful good, lawful evil etc.


I hope this helps you continue your character creation! Please let me know if you end up using this character sheet in your own game. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for cute pictures and more frequent posts!

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My Disney Pin Collection: Inside look into an insane hobby

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here and today I will be giving you an inside look into my pin collection. I’m going to go through how I organize my pins, what is in each category, and what I look out for when I’m hunting for new pins! If you are even mildly interested in Disney Pin Trading this is the post for you. For more background information on my Disney Pin obsession, please read some of my earlier posts. Without further delay, let’s get started, shall we.


The Organization

I have a very specific way of organizing my pins. I like to first put them into 11 different categories. These categories include personal favorites, limited edition, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, Hotels/Parks, Attractions, catergoryDisney Paris, Rack Pins, Collections, Peter/Tink, and last but not least ‘Big 5’ pins. Each of these categories has a certain ranking that can determine which pins go where. For example, if a pin is a limited edition pin, it outranks any category.

What I collect and Why

Each pin trader has their own unique spin on what they collect and why they love to collect them. Some traders pick pins just for their value whereas most collect for sentimental value. When I look at a pin generally it’s because I love the show, movie, or character that it depicts. I also will collect limited edition pins just for the sake of having them. However, usually, I pick a pin because I want to remember the reason that I bought it. When I was little, we used to go to Disney World every thanksgiving, so naturally, I would buy a few ( okay maybe a lot) of pins to commemorate the trip. To this day I can still remember the reason and where I bought each pin in my collection

Following this post, I will attach pictures of all of the pins in my collection. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me I love talking about my collection!

Happy Trading!


Chivalry is dead: An online roleplay storyline

Hello interwebs! It’s your friendly neighborhood redhead here and today I will be sharing with you the storyline for my upcoming RP series “Chivalry is dead”. As of right now this is a small private thing between my boyfriend and I but we will be adding our friends in at a certain part of the story ( which will make a ton more sense after reading this). Happy reading!

Chivalry is Dead  

Two people, renegades of their own planet, find themselves stranded on a strange and unfamiliar world. They stumble upon a ruined castle, abandoned long ago after falling in a war. While this castle was unfamiliar to them, they made it their new home.

Their home planet, Nebula VI, was ravaged by a nuclear war over a decade ago, but still remained in a post-apocalyptic state. Millions of people died in the war, and more continue to die from lingering radiation. After the war, the local government, otherwise known as the Republic, attempted to reform the country. Because of the war, many criminal and organizations such as the Mafia came out of hiding and started to fight against the government, wanting to take over the country.

The epicenter of the battle between the Republic and the insurgents, Capital City SR2, bathed in chaos. In recent events, the Republic began to regain control of the Capital and sent hundreds of various criminals into a large, reconstructed jail. Not long after this mass roundup, a nuclear bomb detonated a few miles away, completely destroying the jail. Anyone who saw the explosion in the distance knew that it brought certain doom with it. A prison break was stirred, and over ¾ of the prisoners escaped. Among these was a young female assassin named Jade Rogers. Jade located an operational escape pod and killed her fellow inmates who had commandeered it. Unknown to her, she had a stowaway on her vessel: a warrior long forgotten, named Raiko Gryffin. Only after Jade managed to escape the nuclear explosion did Jade become aware of his presence. With a certain degree of difficulty, he convinced her not to kill him, but the escape pod was damaged by the blast. So wherever they were going, they were going there together.

Just outside of the Nebula Prime system, their little escape pod started bearing down on another planet. Its sensors, old and damaged as they were, could not sense this planet. The pod was sucked in by the planet’s gravity. Thanks to their lack of control over the craft, Jade and Raiko braced for impact as the pod crashed into the side of a hill.

The castle they fashioned into a home was not without a history of its own. It was once ruled by A tyrannical king. King Jacob was a notorious king, taking in all of the worst people, banding them together to build his army. This king of thieves sent his subjects; namely assassins, rogues, dark wizards and witches, and evil knights; out to plunder the surrounding villages in search of treasure. After twenty years of torment, those villages decided to fight back. Against the king, they ultimately prevailed. He and all of his army and subjects burned at the stake.

Many legends surfaced after this that the castle was a nexus for dark energy. These legends also stated: should a descendant of Jacob be put into the same situation as he, the remains of the castle would appear to them, allowing them to live in safety. Once the descendant discovered their true power, the planet would become visible to the rest of space, allowing his heir to spread Jacob’s terror and death across the galaxy.

I hope this gives some of you writing your own storylines some ideas. Please read my post on storylines to see the steps I took on making this. Also, I will be posting more on this series as it progresses so follow me in order to stay updated.

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Creating a storyline: A guide to being an awesome RP gamemaster

Hello interwebs! This is your friendly neighborhood redhead here and today I will be talking about writing storylines for online RP ( roleplay). Since my last post about character creation was so popular I decided to continue this sort of Roleplay informational series.

Today, I will be going through the steps that I take when I am writing an initial storyline for a new roleplaying campaign. The best thing about roleplay is that you really don’t know how other players will act and in turn how the story will progress. As a gamemaster and a player, I like to leave hints or suggestions to where I would like the story to go in order to make it more interesting, but oftentimes the players end up coming up with really good side storylines to progress that particular campaign.

That being said, this particular article will go into the original storyline or the backstory that people will base their characters off of. Without further interruptions, let’s get started.

1) Where and when do you want the story to take place?

I think that these questions can really help spark ideas for a story. Most of the time I will pick a specific place ( a castle, a border town etc) in order to help guide my setup for the beginning of this story. In our new campaign, Chivalry is dead, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where after a nuclear world war the main characters find themselves on a distant planet stuck in the medieval time period. Starting with this foundation can help with a lot of the smaller details later. Always check back to this stage to make sure that your characters, plot, and other smaller details fit within the original time period and setting.

2) What is your conflict?

Every good story has to have a good conflict. This is the thing that your heroes, or villains, have to accomplish in order to achieve some goal. This conflict can be big or small and it can be interrupted by smaller conflicts along the way. Conflict makes your story have a purpose so picking a good one makes your background much more interesting. In ” Chivalry is Dead” the conflict is a) finding a way to survive and b) getting along with the other people on this unknown planet. I have some other more intriguing conflicts in mind but this is just a background for the beginning of the game anyway. ( also in case my members are reading this I’d rather not spoil it for them)

3) Background Information

Give them some history. What is it like in that place? Why is it like the way it is? Is there a form of government that players should know about? Is there any lore or myths that may impact character creation? The list goes on. Just make sure you include any details that you would want to know when creating your character in order to stop a majority of the questions you would get while your players are creating their characters.

That’s about it! It usually doesn’t take me long to write a story but I often add to it afterward for a few days. I never remember to add everything so my boyfriend ( who’s a more seasoned online roleplayer than I am) to see if there are any details that he would want to know so that I can add them in before I send it off to the group. Since we use Minecraft as a medium, I often build the map we are playing on before I even write the story. That medium also impacts how much I can do considering Minecraft is a fairly rudimentary game. Nonetheless, roleplay is what you make of it and if you really put the time and effort into a game it will be super fun!

Let me know if you want me to continue this series and if you would like me to post the story for our upcoming game!

Live long and prosper,