Nightly Skincare Routine: For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here! Today, I will be discussing my nightly skincare routine. As of recently, my skin has become extremely oily and acne prone. I’ve never had huge problems with acne before but, in recent weeks acne has been such a pain. Since then, I’ve almost perfected a skincare routine and am on the path back to my usually clear skin. Hopefully what I’ve learned along the way might help you as well.

Step 1: Bathtime/Shower Wash

I’m usually more of a bath person than a shower person ( I know many people find this gross but it is so relaxing I can’t give them up for showers) so this usually takes place in the bath but it works in the shower just as well. If you take super hot baths/showers like me this is especially perfect. Let me explain. This first step is the ” general cleanse” stage. Basically, this is where I wash my face at the end of the day and take off any makeup I may be wearing. I’ll just use a clean washcloth and the Body Shop facial cleanser for oily skin. Make sure to wash with hot water but use cold water to rinse. The hot water opens the pores and allows them to get clean whereas the cold water closes them.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Once I am about to get ready for bed I will go ahead and start the real skincare process. After putting up my bangs with this handy towel headband that I got for Christmas, I will dampen my face and start scrubbing!  I use Bliss Pore Perfecting Polish to exfoliate only using a small amount ( as my skin is fairly sensitive). This stuff smells fairly bad but it works really well so I endure it. I do this every day as I notice that dead skin tends to form on my oiliest zones fairly quickly. Also ( I forgot to mention) that I will usually run my makeup remover along my face to make sure I got everything. I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water to do this.

Step 3: Secondary Wash

Now that I am nice and exfoliated I clean my skin once more. However, this time I use a much milder cleanser. I will only do this on days that I wear makeup or days that I am feeling extra oily and dirty. I use the Bliss Milk Cleanser for this step. Side note, I get all of my skincare products from Marshalls since it is much cheaper and my Marshalls is heavily stocked with good skincare.

Step 4: Mask

Once a week I will apply a mask depending on the current skin issues that I am facing. My current favorite is this Witch Hazel one from this Korean Brand that works really well for calming redness while cleaning out pores.

Step 5: Toner and Anti-Acne

At this step it is time to Tone and kill ( acne that is) for toner, I love the Tea Tree water from lush. It smells wonderful and is nice and hydrating without making you oily ( because of the Tea Tree which is a natural anti-acne agent). After letting this set into my skin for a few minutes I apply my anti-acne solution. Lately, I’ve been using Clinique Anti-blemish solution. Basically, as long as you use something with Salicylic acid you should be fine. I also recommend the Neutrogena Anti-blemish solution if you can’t find the Clinique one at a discount.

Step 6: Moisture

Last but not least it is time to moisturize. Even people with oily skin need hydration. I use the Body Shop Clarifying Night Treatment from their Seaweed oily skin line. Its been working really well and it has this nice cooling feeling as you apply it.

After this, I just let this set into my skin until my face no longer feels wet. I hope this helps and I’ll see you in my next post.

Stay Wierd,




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