Disneybounding: The new fashion trend sweeping the Disney Fandom

Hello interwebs it’s your friendly neighborhood redhead here! Today we will be talking about an interesting new trend sweeping the Disney community, Disneybounding.

Being a HUGE Disney nerd myself I actually came across this trend sometime last year while it was still kind of a new thing. So what is this “Disneybounding” exactly? Disneyland banned people older than 13 to wear costumes in the parks sometime early last year, so all of the Disney cosplayers/costumers had to either find somewhere else take pictures outside of the parks or come up with something creative so fuel their fashion needs. Thus Disneybounding was born. Disneybounding, coined by Disneybound on Pinterest, was originally created as the term meaning that someone was ” Disney Bound” aka heading into the parks. This user started creating character inspired outfits, made of regular clothes that one could wear into the park. This trend started to pick up late last year and its been growing ever since.

In essence, Disneybounding is taking inspiration from Disney characters, rides, theme parks, etc. and making ordinary outfits to fit your theme. Another major part of Disneybounding is using accessories to make sure that your theme is prominent such as necklaces, hair bows, or even Mickey/Minnie ears.

You might be asking yourself ” Why is this so popular?” Disneybounding is a really unique way to spice up going to the parks. People generally try to wear Disney shirts etc. while heading into the parks so this is just another step above that. Also, as an annual pass holder, this is a really fun way to make going to the parks, even more, fun and it’s actually really easy. Most characters have easy primary colors to match and if you’re like me and half of your clothes are Disney anyway it’s even easier ( Hot topic is amazing for this).

I recommend checking out the youtube channel ” Thingamavlogs” if you want to learn more about this trend, they have quite a few videos on it.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and as always stay weird.




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