I’m Back! A Blog Update

Hello interwebs! After a long school related hiatus, I am back. Christmas break was absolutely wonderful and certainly long overdue.

So what has been happening and why was I gone for so long. The short answer would be school. The second semester has definitely been a lot busier than I had anticipated. Not to mention,  my boyfriend and I started our own youtube production company called Snapdragon Productions ( which you should totally check out if you have the time) that ended up taking up an insane amount of my time. We were planning on releasing a 10 episode web series but my boyfriend ( who played one of the main characters) is busy with Tae Kwon Do for the next 3 months and doesn’t have any time to film when we would need to. Now that the web series is postponed I have more time to work on this and possibly the youtube channel that I set up for this blog.

Personally, some really awesome things happened while I was gone. First, I got accepted to Arizona State which is a huge relief off my shoulders ( now that I know I will actually go somewhere other than community college). Also, we had a really nice family Christmas that was a perfect end to the holiday season.

So what to expect from this blog going forward. I will be posting whenever I can but most likely I will continue to be on a once/twice a week schedule. I also frequently post on my Instagram ( liatheredhead) so check that out if you want to see more frequent posts about things.

Great things are yet to come. Thanks again for your support!



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