Character Creation: The difficulties of creating playable characters

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here and today I will be talking about character creation.

If you’ve been a reader of mine for some time now, you may remember a post I did talking about online roleplay and my personal experience with it. Although my experience has been limited regarding the whole roleplay/LARP community I’ve been creating characters for years. I’ve always been interested in writing and when I was younger I would sit and write characters as a means to pass time etc. and I often “lived” in those stories and characters a majority of the time; so when I transitioned into roleplay and LARP it wasn’t something that was out of the ordinary as I have been “playing” other people in my head since I was a kid.

Now on to character creation. Character creation can be really difficult. When first starting out creating a character it is usually best to become an amplified version of yourself. This makes making decisions and straight out acting a whole lot easier. For Lizabeth, I decided to make her the person that I had always wanted to be. She’s confident, witty, strong, a little bit quirky, etc. I’ve also had Lizabeth as a character since I was very young so adapting her to the Etrian story we created wasn’t hard. Similar to this route, you can choose to make a character that is opposite of yourself. If you’re naturally good, make a character who’s a thief, or a bloodthirsty assassin.

For Example, my boyfriend is someone who wants to protect his loved ones and the ideals he holds close. His character, the assassin, takes special effort to make sure those goals are met by whatever means. I think picking something like this to make your character off of is also a good idea because you know what to base a majority of your decisions on. It can be really hard to come up with a character that you can wholly stick to, and I think that it really can make or break your overall gameplay.

That’s all I got on character creation. Let me know if you want a specific tutorial on how I made our characters or other posts like this on writing characters ( like how to write a backstory etc)

Stay classy.



Preparing for a film shoot: 3 Beginner Mistakes I made

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here and today we will be talking about beginner mistakes when preparing for a film shoot!

If you’ve been following this blog recently, you know that I enrolled in a film class this semester! So far we have only done 1 official project but I’ve actually been working on producing, writing, and starring in my own web series ( for more info see that post). After we finished our first project there were a lot of things that I had wished I had done differently. I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing so I had a TON of things I wanted to change about the final product. However, for the sake of this post, I have narrowed it down to three things.

1)Pick your director wisely.

Since I’m taking this class in high school I was of course forced to pick roles and groups within people in the class. I didn’t really know anyone in the class so It was sort of a random draw. After working with these people for a few months I started to see where our problems would be. As I learned in the class, a Director really has to be someone who is extremely decisive. Our set ended up changing last minute before the shoot and so our shot list was basically useless. Therefore, our Director had to call almost all the shots for the shoot. I found out quickly that our Director couldn’t make decisions and it ended up wasting a lot of time. After the first day of shooting, I ended up having to allocate the majority of her role to our camera person who was much more decisive. Moral of the choose your crew wisely.

2) Scheduling is key

I cannot stress this enough. I always think that I have everything ready until something pops up to ruin it. Make sure to keep in communication with actors to make sure the schedule is okay with them and give them an incentive not to flake. I had a few friends who’s entire film almost didn’t get turned in on time because of their whole cast flaking. Yes, their whole cast.  Sometimes important things ( like sickness in the family etc) come up but unless it’s a life or death situation please stress the importance of showing up. Thankfully the main actor in my last shoot was my boyfriend so he had some major incentive for staying committed. However, for the web series shoot scheduling ended up postponing the whole shoot for 2 months. Plan accordingly.

3) Get people excited

It’s really hard to get people to work at something they don’t find interesting. Getting them excited about the project you’re working on can really make late night shoots not as gut-wrenchingly horrible. I remember the second day of our shoot we were all so dead by the end of it that the only thing keeping us alive was the impending doom of our deadline. If I could have done it over I would have a) starting filming a lot earlier ( thanks teach. for making everyone procrastinate) and b) inspired people on cast and crew to really get behind the project. After the first long day ( of basically getting nothing done) everyone was pretty fed up with the whole thing. I cannot stress enough how important getting people motivated is. It just makes the whole thing a bucket load more fun.

After an 11 hour shooting time, we finished our project and turned it in. It took us in total 19 hours to finish a film that was 3 minutes long and it didn’t even turn out a quarter as good as I would have hoped. With a new group, a  new semester, and a fresh new story ( that was called genius I might add) I am inspired to create some new material that I am really proud of.

Hope this helps as much as one blog post possibly can,



Disneybounding: The new fashion trend sweeping the Disney Fandom

Hello interwebs it’s your friendly neighborhood redhead here! Today we will be talking about an interesting new trend sweeping the Disney community, Disneybounding.

Being a HUGE Disney nerd myself I actually came across this trend sometime last year while it was still kind of a new thing. So what is this “Disneybounding” exactly? Disneyland banned people older than 13 to wear costumes in the parks sometime early last year, so all of the Disney cosplayers/costumers had to either find somewhere else take pictures outside of the parks or come up with something creative so fuel their fashion needs. Thus Disneybounding was born. Disneybounding, coined by Disneybound on Pinterest, was originally created as the term meaning that someone was ” Disney Bound” aka heading into the parks. This user started creating character inspired outfits, made of regular clothes that one could wear into the park. This trend started to pick up late last year and its been growing ever since.

In essence, Disneybounding is taking inspiration from Disney characters, rides, theme parks, etc. and making ordinary outfits to fit your theme. Another major part of Disneybounding is using accessories to make sure that your theme is prominent such as necklaces, hair bows, or even Mickey/Minnie ears.

You might be asking yourself ” Why is this so popular?” Disneybounding is a really unique way to spice up going to the parks. People generally try to wear Disney shirts etc. while heading into the parks so this is just another step above that. Also, as an annual pass holder, this is a really fun way to make going to the parks, even more, fun and it’s actually really easy. Most characters have easy primary colors to match and if you’re like me and half of your clothes are Disney anyway it’s even easier ( Hot topic is amazing for this).

I recommend checking out the youtube channel ” Thingamavlogs” if you want to learn more about this trend, they have quite a few videos on it.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and as always stay weird.



Nightly Skincare Routine: For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Hello interwebs! It’s your neighborhood redhead here! Today, I will be discussing my nightly skincare routine. As of recently, my skin has become extremely oily and acne prone. I’ve never had huge problems with acne before but, in recent weeks acne has been such a pain. Since then, I’ve almost perfected a skincare routine and am on the path back to my usually clear skin. Hopefully what I’ve learned along the way might help you as well.

Step 1: Bathtime/Shower Wash

I’m usually more of a bath person than a shower person ( I know many people find this gross but it is so relaxing I can’t give them up for showers) so this usually takes place in the bath but it works in the shower just as well. If you take super hot baths/showers like me this is especially perfect. Let me explain. This first step is the ” general cleanse” stage. Basically, this is where I wash my face at the end of the day and take off any makeup I may be wearing. I’ll just use a clean washcloth and the Body Shop facial cleanser for oily skin. Make sure to wash with hot water but use cold water to rinse. The hot water opens the pores and allows them to get clean whereas the cold water closes them.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Once I am about to get ready for bed I will go ahead and start the real skincare process. After putting up my bangs with this handy towel headband that I got for Christmas, I will dampen my face and start scrubbing!  I use Bliss Pore Perfecting Polish to exfoliate only using a small amount ( as my skin is fairly sensitive). This stuff smells fairly bad but it works really well so I endure it. I do this every day as I notice that dead skin tends to form on my oiliest zones fairly quickly. Also ( I forgot to mention) that I will usually run my makeup remover along my face to make sure I got everything. I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water to do this.

Step 3: Secondary Wash

Now that I am nice and exfoliated I clean my skin once more. However, this time I use a much milder cleanser. I will only do this on days that I wear makeup or days that I am feeling extra oily and dirty. I use the Bliss Milk Cleanser for this step. Side note, I get all of my skincare products from Marshalls since it is much cheaper and my Marshalls is heavily stocked with good skincare.

Step 4: Mask

Once a week I will apply a mask depending on the current skin issues that I am facing. My current favorite is this Witch Hazel one from this Korean Brand that works really well for calming redness while cleaning out pores.

Step 5: Toner and Anti-Acne

At this step it is time to Tone and kill ( acne that is) for toner, I love the Tea Tree water from lush. It smells wonderful and is nice and hydrating without making you oily ( because of the Tea Tree which is a natural anti-acne agent). After letting this set into my skin for a few minutes I apply my anti-acne solution. Lately, I’ve been using Clinique Anti-blemish solution. Basically, as long as you use something with Salicylic acid you should be fine. I also recommend the Neutrogena Anti-blemish solution if you can’t find the Clinique one at a discount.

Step 6: Moisture

Last but not least it is time to moisturize. Even people with oily skin need hydration. I use the Body Shop Clarifying Night Treatment from their Seaweed oily skin line. Its been working really well and it has this nice cooling feeling as you apply it.

After this, I just let this set into my skin until my face no longer feels wet. I hope this helps and I’ll see you in my next post.

Stay Wierd,



I’m Back! A Blog Update

Hello interwebs! After a long school related hiatus, I am back. Christmas break was absolutely wonderful and certainly long overdue.

So what has been happening and why was I gone for so long. The short answer would be school. The second semester has definitely been a lot busier than I had anticipated. Not to mention,  my boyfriend and I started our own youtube production company called Snapdragon Productions ( which you should totally check out if you have the time) that ended up taking up an insane amount of my time. We were planning on releasing a 10 episode web series but my boyfriend ( who played one of the main characters) is busy with Tae Kwon Do for the next 3 months and doesn’t have any time to film when we would need to. Now that the web series is postponed I have more time to work on this and possibly the youtube channel that I set up for this blog.

Personally, some really awesome things happened while I was gone. First, I got accepted to Arizona State which is a huge relief off my shoulders ( now that I know I will actually go somewhere other than community college). Also, we had a really nice family Christmas that was a perfect end to the holiday season.

So what to expect from this blog going forward. I will be posting whenever I can but most likely I will continue to be on a once/twice a week schedule. I also frequently post on my Instagram ( liatheredhead) so check that out if you want to see more frequent posts about things.

Great things are yet to come. Thanks again for your support!