Hell Week: The week before finals

Hello interwebs!

This week is the start of Dead week or Hell week at my school. Dead week is the week before finals in which, according to school policy, teachers are supposed to give us time in class to study and assign no homework or testing. Of course, that doesn’t really happen but this is a dead week nonetheless.

There is this weird atmosphere to dead week. You can sense the excitement for winter break but also the sense of total and inescapable impending doom. Students across campus are scrambling for extra credit and praying that they get the grades they want at the end of the semester. For seniors, most of us just want to get generally good grades because in our minds the school year is over after this semester.

I can appreciate my school having finals before Christmas break instead of after, but it always ruins the lead up to Christmas break. As soon as I started high school I noticed how Christmas break never really felt like Christmas, it just seemed like another break after the end of the semester. I remember thinking long and hard about why this was last year.After a few days, I came to a conclusion, it was because I didn’t have a true dead week before Christmas break.

In elementary and middle school you always have that nonsense week of school before Christmas break where all you do is watch movies and have gift exchanges. Because of this, in my mind,it wasn’t Christmas break until this happened. Unfortunately, in High school,you have finals ( which I would love to remind my fellow high schoolers that those grades do not define your intellectual capabilities) and that is how you prepare for Christmas.

Good luck to all of the students out there. We need it.

Love and hugs,



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