Hell Week: The week before finals

Hello interwebs!

This week is the start of Dead week or Hell week at my school. Dead week is the week before finals in which, according to school policy, teachers are supposed to give us time in class to study and assign no homework or testing. Of course, that doesn’t really happen but this is a dead week nonetheless.

There is this weird atmosphere to dead week. You can sense the excitement for winter break but also the sense of total and inescapable impending doom. Students across campus are scrambling for extra credit and praying that they get the grades they want at the end of the semester. For seniors, most of us just want to get generally good grades because in our minds the school year is over after this semester.

I can appreciate my school having finals before Christmas break instead of after, but it always ruins the lead up to Christmas break. As soon as I started high school I noticed how Christmas break never really felt like Christmas, it just seemed like another break after the end of the semester. I remember thinking long and hard about why this was last year.After a few days, I came to a conclusion, it was because I didn’t have a true dead week before Christmas break.

In elementary and middle school you always have that nonsense week of school before Christmas break where all you do is watch movies and have gift exchanges. Because of this, in my mind,it wasn’t Christmas break until this happened. Unfortunately, in High school,you have finals ( which I would love to remind my fellow high schoolers that those grades do not define your intellectual capabilities) and that is how you prepare for Christmas.

Good luck to all of the students out there. We need it.

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November 2016: A month in review

Hello interwebs! Today the usual series is back in which I tell you a little bit about my month and some seventeen-year-old wisdom about what this month taught me. Without further space filler, let’s get started.

November is always a month that I enjoy. It means Christmas is almost here, I get a well-deserved break for thanksgiving, and well thanksgiving. In the beginning of the month, I was mostly focused on school and fencing ( which I am now done with thank god) as well as my boyfriend, having our third month anniversary on the fourteenth. College applications are the plague for seniors across the nation so finishing those was the main goal for most people my age this month.

November is a month that always seems to go by quickly. With school, personal life, and generally other random things December is always here before you know it. Honestly, though I am usually an advocate of not wishing time away, I always love that November goes by quickly. My reasons change each year but, for whatever reason I never really like November.

As for my guidance for this month, I want to talk about preparedness. This month preparing for things seems to be an often occurrence and I think people of this generation really underestimate the power of being prepared. Even if it’s just setting up your outfit the night before to save time in the morning or studying a little bit earlier, being more prepared than you usually would, can make a week seem less stressful.

love and hugs,


Christmas Traditions: Weird family quirks and possible new ideas for your family this Christmas 

Hello interwebs! 

       Every family has their own set of Christmas traditions. Whether it is putting up the tree together, baking special cookies, or opening up presents on Christmas Eve; every family has their own way of celebrating the holidays. Today I am going to share with you a few of my personal favorite holiday traditions. Maybe you can add some of these into your family if you find one that sounds interesting! 

1) Cookie Season 

Every year my friends wait for December first to roll around, the start of cookie season. Cookie season is when my dad and I start baking and freezing hundreds upon hundreds of Christmas cookies in preparation for Christmas. This also means that I will bring ziploc bags full of cookies everyday with me to school in order to test out new recipies and see how people like them. Besides baking cookies, I always will bring a plate of cookies and a nice note to each of my teachers in order to butter them up before my finals. 

2) Getting special ornaments for each year 

Whenever we do something especially fun, whether it be a big vacation, graduation, anniversary etc. we always get an ornament for it. This year in particular, since it is my graduation I got a special 2017 ornament to remember the year I graduated high school. We also ended up getting some Disney ornaments of our favorite characters in order to remember that we got our annual pass this year. We will end up sharing our favorite ornaments and what the mean to us as well as the memory they hold, which I think is really cool. 

3) Opening up one present on Christmas Eve 

Every Christmas Eve we get to open one present ( usually one that has been put under by my mom and dad) usually, the end up being our set of Christmas pajamas, but it is still fun to open up something the night before. We will also do the usual traditions associated with Christmas Eve but this one in particular I thought is quite unique. 
Thanks for reading this little glimpse into my family Christmas and maybe you were inspired to start a christmas tradition of your own.

Love and hugs,