Return to gravity falls: A short film

For Film this semester I have been working on a Gravity Falls spinoff short film. For those of you who don’t know what gravity falls is, I can sum it up in a sentence: The best children’s television show you will ever watch.  Gravity Falls is this sort of supernatural, weird shiz is happening, mystery, cartoon show. Since this is my first time making a semi-legit film I wanted to start with something that I knew inside out, but also something I could make almost entirely my own; Enter, Return to gravity falls.

Return to gravity falls takes place 10 years after the end of the Gravity falls television series and stars Dipper, who after uncovering something crucial about the return of the triangle demon, runs in with her. Yes, I said her. I wanted to make Bill Cipher this strong female role because Bill is originally a male character. This change actually has some significance to the story, you see, now that Bill is a female ( and an attractive one at that) it makes it harder for Dipper to stay focused and defeat her for the second time.

The film is only going to be about 3 minutes long because it is our first film but there has been months of work and preparation going into this shoot. As the producer  ( and writer, and probably camerawoman) I’ve been doing a lot to this story and I’ve been visualizing it in my head for months so finally coming up with a final product ( when we haven’t been taught much about actual film making) will be interesting.

I will most likely post the final product both here and on my youtube so look our for that in the next few weeks.

Love and hugs,



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