Book Review: A Torch Through the Night

Hello interwebs! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. I will have a separate post explaining all that has been going down in my life and how that affects this blog along with some ideas I have moving forward. But, for today, I am starting a new book review segment here on the blog. Hope you enjoy!


Recently the second book in the ” A ember in the ashes” series, by Sabaa Tahir, came out in hardback. Naturally, being a fan of the first book I picked it up and started reading it. This is the second book in the series so naturally, this is not free of spoilers. So if you haven’t read either of the books I suggest coming back to this page after doing so. Like the first book, it started off rather slow and once you get to around the middle of the book that is when things actually start happening. The book takes place from the point of view of three different main characters: Elias, Laia, and Aquilla. The book pops back and forth between characters each chapter in order to give different perspectives on what is going on while also giving essential information to the reader.

Overall, the book was really entertaining. I love her writing and I will most likely continue to read what she writes ( like how I am with Marie Lu). However, I do have one message for all authors in this day and age: STOP KILLING OFF YOUR HOT MALE PROTAGONISTS. Marie Lu, my favorite author of all time, does this constantly. As a reader, I always get attached to these cute male protagonists and they always end up dying in the most dramatic of ways. In this book, in particular, she kills off Elias with a poison that slowly kills him for months and he makes a deal with basically a demon so that he can have a few more minutes to save the brother that they have been working through 2 books to save.

This is something that drove me absolutely mad. We end the book with Elias dead and Laia not knowing where the heck he went. This made me almost throw the book across my room when I was done reading it. Nonetheless, I will probably read the next book in the series ( because I just love to do this to myself).

So end verdict. Should you read it or not? I think absolutely. She has a phenomenal writing style with a book that is very captivating. Just don’t get too attached to any men that she decides to throw at you.


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