How I got into Rp: LARPing without the Live action

Hello interwebs! Today, we will be delving into the world of LARP, well not LARP its entirety but you will see what I mean later. I know this is a somewhat controversial topic, meaning that most people associate LARPing with nerds beating each other with foam weapons in the park and RP with perverts online pretending to be 15-year-old girls with pink hair. Hopefully, I will break some of those stereotypes in you today.


LARPing or Live Action Role Play has been around for quite some time, starting as a larger subculture sometime in the late 90’s. LARP is the creation of a character to a specific world that someone has created inside our own. These worlds can be post-apocalyptic, medieval or steampunk. These worlds are then placed inside ours and are grown by the addition of more characters of people like you. For anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons, It’s very similar to that, but instead of rolling a D20 to take out that elemental, you have to physically take out that elemental. LARPing in this way is very creative but is also very real too. You are a character inside this world that exists in a physical place, and whether or not you live is up to you and your actions.

As for my experience with LARPing, it has been very limited, unfortunately. My friends and I spent a year creating a world known as Etria, set in a medieval fantasy time period. We spent a good half of a school year and all summer coming up with all of the details with what would be our own LARP. However, once the school year started we quickly realized that our busy schedules couldn’t accommodate meeting at the nature reserve near my house to play grown up pretend for a few hours. Naturally, I was very disappointed. I had spent a year creating and pouring over documents of history, races, geography, and character creation only to have none of it used.

This is where the RP comes in. After deciding we couldn’t find time to do it in person I thought of turning to a more readily accessible source, the internet. With the help of my friends and my boyfriend, we took Etria to the realm of Online Rp. Rp or roleplay is basically like writing fanfiction live. You say what your character is saying and doing, then the other people present react to whatever you said or did in a way that their character would. To be perfectly honest, It was really weird at first. I was fine with doing it in person, throwing what shreds of nerdless dignity I had to the wind, yet doing it online seemed almost wrong.

After a short while,I realized how fun it was. It was like reading a ‘ choose your own adventure novel’ where you write and choose ( for the most part). You really get into your character and start to make decisions as if it were second nature. For some people, like myself, it was easier because I just made a more awesome version of myself. But for others, they make their character the complete opposite personality to their own.

In short, if you are thinking about getting into this sort of thing, do it. There is so much fun and creativity waiting if you are more willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Tal’ Avath ( Good night in Etrian)



Slowly Approaching College: From the POV of an anxious teen

College is something that is slowly approaching, deadlines for all of my college applications being sometime this week, I wanted to take a minute to write a message about this experience from a ‘ not so everyday’ students’ point of view.

For me, college is something that I always thought was this unreachable goal. Not because of financial reasons, no, I have been very blessed in that area. What I mean by this is, is that I never thought I could get into college, academically. I was never someone who was very academically excellent, but I was average. However, whenever my parents would talk ab0ut college with friends of the family, they always came back with an impression that I wouldn’t make it. And so, I went to high school with the idea that if I didn’t get a 4.0 and was good at math and science, along with a good ACT/SAT score, sports, and extracurriculars; that I wouldn’t go to college.

I think that says a lot about modern school systems. Why would you have such an emphasis on memorizing random facts, numbers, and theorems; but you don’t have an emphasis on how much knowledge you actually accumulate in 4 years? For kids like me, who are more creative and generally look at learning in a ” what do I know about this subject” rather than ” what do you know about ____” specifically, the school system does nothing to treat this knowledge, this wealth of actually useful information as something that should be every students’ end goal. What does this teach children then? It teaches children that if you cannot memorize useless information, but can fill in bubbles you will get ahead in life.

I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true. The world doesn’t need any more robotic humans. We ( sooner or later) will have actual robots to take over those people’s jobs. The people who can apply what they know in situations that suit a need, those are the people that succeed in life. To prove my point, I’m sure you have watched the video ” Suing the School System” that’ts been floating around the internet. He reminds people that if you look closely the school system is set up much like a factory. You work for a period of time, you get a break, lunch and then you are out. You learn to sit in neat rows, and only should speak when you are spoken to. A quote that I have gone the last few years reminding myself of ” For the first 5 years of life you are taught to stand up and speak. Then for the next 15,they teach you to sit down and shut up.

I digress, but there is one message to all of my ranting. If you are a kid like me: creative but average in school, I have one message for you;  You will make it. You are smart in your own right. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. You will find a place that is for students like you. Keep working and doing your best, while sharing happiness and kindness along the way, and you will be just fine.

Sincerely, an anxious student,


Return to gravity falls: A short film

For Film this semester I have been working on a Gravity Falls spinoff short film. For those of you who don’t know what gravity falls is, I can sum it up in a sentence: The best children’s television show you will ever watch.  Gravity Falls is this sort of supernatural, weird shiz is happening, mystery, cartoon show. Since this is my first time making a semi-legit film I wanted to start with something that I knew inside out, but also something I could make almost entirely my own; Enter, Return to gravity falls.

Return to gravity falls takes place 10 years after the end of the Gravity falls television series and stars Dipper, who after uncovering something crucial about the return of the triangle demon, runs in with her. Yes, I said her. I wanted to make Bill Cipher this strong female role because Bill is originally a male character. This change actually has some significance to the story, you see, now that Bill is a female ( and an attractive one at that) it makes it harder for Dipper to stay focused and defeat her for the second time.

The film is only going to be about 3 minutes long because it is our first film but there has been months of work and preparation going into this shoot. As the producer  ( and writer, and probably camerawoman) I’ve been doing a lot to this story and I’ve been visualizing it in my head for months so finally coming up with a final product ( when we haven’t been taught much about actual film making) will be interesting.

I will most likely post the final product both here and on my youtube so look our for that in the next few weeks.

Love and hugs,


Channel Art contest

Hello interwebs! As you may know, I am starting a youtube channel to accompany this blog. But, I am in need of youtube channel art. I am an artist myself but I am suffering an immense art block. This is where you come in! If you can create a digital art piece for my youtube @theneighborhoodredhead and I love it I will send you a prize of some sort.

I will have two options for prizes:

  1.  Daiso Stationery ( lots of it)
  2. Itunes gift card


  1. You must be following me on all of my social media
    1.  Instagram: @liatheginger
    2. Tumblr: @icrystalsflame
    3. WordPress @theneighborhoodredhead
  2. Your submission must be digital and fit the size requirements for a youtube cover art
  3. You must email me your art @, before December 14,2016 at 12:00 pm

I will announce the winner here on December 15, 2016, and I will give the winner 24 hours to claim their prize before I pick someone else.

May the best artist win!

Since I’ve been gone: Blog update

Hello interwebs! It has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything on here so I just wanted to post a little update about what’s been going on and how I’m moving forward with this blog.

You may have noticed that all of my “branding” has changed. I decided that this name left a lot more room for what I can do on this blog and it just sounds better. As for my nonexistent posting, college apps are close at hand so I’ve been working really hard at those along with my regular school workload, and sports.

Moving forward, I want to try to post every day and that is something I really want to stick with. On top of that, I am going to try to start up a youtube channel. My friends and I have been working on this really cool project and I want to share it with whoever will listen.

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to see where this blog goes from here.

Love and Hugs,


Book Review: A Torch Through the Night

Hello interwebs! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. I will have a separate post explaining all that has been going down in my life and how that affects this blog along with some ideas I have moving forward. But, for today, I am starting a new book review segment here on the blog. Hope you enjoy!


Recently the second book in the ” A ember in the ashes” series, by Sabaa Tahir, came out in hardback. Naturally, being a fan of the first book I picked it up and started reading it. This is the second book in the series so naturally, this is not free of spoilers. So if you haven’t read either of the books I suggest coming back to this page after doing so. Like the first book, it started off rather slow and once you get to around the middle of the book that is when things actually start happening. The book takes place from the point of view of three different main characters: Elias, Laia, and Aquilla. The book pops back and forth between characters each chapter in order to give different perspectives on what is going on while also giving essential information to the reader.

Overall, the book was really entertaining. I love her writing and I will most likely continue to read what she writes ( like how I am with Marie Lu). However, I do have one message for all authors in this day and age: STOP KILLING OFF YOUR HOT MALE PROTAGONISTS. Marie Lu, my favorite author of all time, does this constantly. As a reader, I always get attached to these cute male protagonists and they always end up dying in the most dramatic of ways. In this book, in particular, she kills off Elias with a poison that slowly kills him for months and he makes a deal with basically a demon so that he can have a few more minutes to save the brother that they have been working through 2 books to save.

This is something that drove me absolutely mad. We end the book with Elias dead and Laia not knowing where the heck he went. This made me almost throw the book across my room when I was done reading it. Nonetheless, I will probably read the next book in the series ( because I just love to do this to myself).

So end verdict. Should you read it or not? I think absolutely. She has a phenomenal writing style with a book that is very captivating. Just don’t get too attached to any men that she decides to throw at you.