What’s in my Disney Bag?

Hello Interwebs!

Long time no see! School and being sick has been horrible but I am back and ready to blog! Today, we will be exploring my Disney Park bag and some tips and tricks I have for what you should and shouldn’t bring with you to the Disney parks.


1) The essentials

   Obviously, there are certain items that you can’t leave the house without. These being: Phone, wallet, and keys. I always carry around my Disney wallet, phone and key lanyard in the outermost pocket of my backpack so that I can reach them easier when I need them


2) The gear

As a ‘Blogger’ and someone who likes taking photos there are certain ‘gear’ items that have to be included in any trip to the Disney parks. I’ll usually bring with me two cameras: My polaroid Instax 8, and my Canon T6i. The polaroid is mostly for the aesthetic and not taking actual quality photos but they are so cute and I get suckered into bringing that camera everywhere. My cannon is for taking actual quality photos. You can always just do photo pass or use your phone camera but a tip I have for this is that when I bring my cannon I can give my camera to a photo pass photographer and get awesome photos without having to pay for photopass.

3) The Pins

Being a pin trader of course I have to bring the pins. I always bring some trading pins ( aka duplicates and pins I don’t like) to trade with cast members. I have two small side pockets on my usual Disney bag for the pins I want to trade and the pins I have gotten from trade. Since I don’t do as much pin trading as I used to I just bring a few in a pin booklet inside my backpack.

4) The ginger essentials

Being a ginger there are certain other essentials that I have to bring in order for my health and wellbeing. This mainly includes sunscreen. Since its usually rather sunny when I go to the parks I always pack a hat and some sunscreen in case it really gets sunnier than I anticipated. Getting sunburned would not be a fun way to end your day at Disney.

5) The bag itself

The bag I am currently using is this Fajallraven Kanken knockoff from hot topic. It’s decorated like Alice in wonderland so I thought it would be an appropriate bag to use for my upcoming Disney Trip. I usually use this mint and grey bag from target but I wanted to use this new bag at the parks for this specific occasion.


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