Disney Pin Trading: Pt 2

Hello! Welcome to part two of Disney Pin trading!

To continue from the last post, Pin trading is a very popular hobby. Everywhere you go in a Disney park there are going to be lots and lots of Pins. Now, How does one get into Disney Pin trading? This might be slightly complicated to some but I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

5 easy steps for getting your Disney Pin collection started:

1)What Pins do you want to collect?

Personally, if you are just starting out deciding what you want to collect will be key. Most people just collect the pins that they like. So here are some questions to ask to help get you started thinking: what are my favorite Disney characters? What are my favorite movies? What are my favorite rides? Do I just want to collect a certain character/ land/ park’s pins?

2)  Buy some pins

I think this one is pretty self- explanatory. You now know what type of pins you want to collect now go out and get some. That pin lanyard set I mentioned in the first step is a good place to start for beginners.

3) Getting to know the lingo

There is some verbiage that comes along with the pin trading hobby. These terms are things you should know in order to have an optimal pin trading experience. Rack pins: Rack pins are pins that you get off the rack in a Disney Store these are good if you are looking for a specific character, movie, or ride and can be found in almost any Disney store or pin trading kiosk. LE: This stands for Limited Edition. Some pins are special and are made in limited numbers. Generally speaking anything under 1,000 made is considered “rare” but any LE is better than a rack pin ( value wise). Hidden Mickey Pin: These pins are similar to the first two in that the name explains them all. Hidden Mickey pins are pins with little Hidden Mickey’s on them. These pins are a dime a dozen and are the best to trade with. These pins usually come in sets so check the back of the pin to see. Personally, once you’ve collected all the basic sets of these you desire they aren’t really worth your time.

4) Pin trading Rules

Yes,there are some rules to Disney pin trading. Some of these are set by Disney and some of them are just social norms. The biggest rule is that you cannot trade fake pins. I could make a whole other post on that so let me know if you would like to see it. In short, any pin that isn’t officially licenced by Disney cannot be traded in the parks. Now to be more specific, what is trading? The big thing about Disney pin trading is trading pins with cast members in the park. Some cast members carry lanyards with pins on them for you to trade for. This is how you get all those Hidden Mickey pins I was talking about earlier. Another thing to note about actual trading is that there are some basic guidelines. One, it is one pin of yours for one pin of theirs, hence the trade. Two, you can only trade for 2 pins per cast member ( that’s more of a polite  thing than anything really). Three, be nice to the cast member and use general polite phrases ( please, thank you. all that jazz) Its just the right thing to do, they are humans after all.

5) Do your research

There is only so much I can tell you here about pin trading. A lot of the things you will learn about it come from actually doing it and doing your own research. Personally, youtube really helped a ton when it came to me learning about the hobby and there are tons of great resources out there on this.


If there is any more you want me to write about on Disney Pin trading Please comment down below and I will add a third Installment. Also, I’ve really been thinking about doing a youtube channel for this blog but doubt anyone will watch it. If you would like to see videos once or twice a week on topics like these please let me know! If not I am going to make one once I reach 100 followers on WordPress.

Thanks for reading! Stay classy, stay cute!




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