Disney Pin Trading: A “gateway drug” to the Disney fandom Pt. 1

Hello interwebs!

Since my usual Thursday post ended up accidentally being posted on Wednesday I decided to write an extra blog post so there was a post on Thursday as well.

Some of you might be somewhat confused based on the title of this post. What is Disney Pin trading? There is a Disney fandom? “Gateway Drug”? Don’t worry all of these questions will be answered by the end of this post. If you guys want to see more Disney things let me know! I would love to make more posts like this one.

Ok so first of all, what is Disney Pin Trading? Disney Pin trading or just Pin trading for short is a hobby of buying, collecting, and trading licenced Disney pins. What is a Disney Pin? Well, it’s a pin ( obviously) with some sort of character, movie, ride, hotel, or park design on it. These pins can be bought at Disney parks across the world as well as select Disney Stores across the country.

As for why people start Pin trading, this can be answered in different ways depending on who you talk to. Generally speaking,people collect for three main reasons. 1) Because their kids wanted to get into it 2)  they understand that these are collectables and can be re-sold for money in the future, or  3) because they love Disney and wanted to get into this popular Disney-related hobby. Personally, my family is a big Disney family. I’ve been watching Disney movies all my life and have been going to the parks before I could speak. When I was younger, we used to go to Orlando to go to Walt Disney World every year during thanksgiving. On my first trip to Orlando,( when I was 5) my Dad decided to get me a Tinkerbell starter pin lanyard set and my ( more like our) love of pins hasn’t stopped since.

Since this post is going to be really long I am splitting it over 2 or 3 parts all of which are posted today.





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