August: A month in review

Hello Interwebs!

August has been a crazy month. The end of summer is sadly upon us and back to school, for some sad souls like me, has started a few weeks prior to this post. Regardless, August is a time for new beginnings. The seasons and weather are changing and we are changing with it.  However, this change is good. Life is all about changing and learning to adapt to these new changes.

With school starting it is certainly a time of change and beginnings. Starting the school year off right is essential both socially and academically, and giving it you’re all is the best way to start off the new year. Branch out and meet new people. Be more active in class. Study more and prepare for exams better than you did last year. Meeting new people and starting the year in an active way can really set the tone for the entire year. Who knows you might meet some of the best friends you never knew you would have!

As for my fellow seniors out there, make this year count. It is our last year to spend in High School, and while we want to get out quickly; we shouldn’t wish away what little time we have to spend together away. Go out, make memories,do all of the things you have wanted to do while in High School. Taking the time to make these memories will never be wasted and you will never regret doing too much.

Personally, August really has been a time of new beginnings. I have a new, wonderful, and amazing boyfriend to share my senior year with. New friends and fun experiences planned. I am excited for what this new school year will bring and to share all of that new wisdom with you.

My advice for September: Go out and be the person that you have always wanted to be. You never know what adventures might come out of trying to find your place in this world.



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