How to start school off right

Hello, Interwebs!Everyone hates starting school right? Though some, like me, actually kind of like it because it is a return to planned schedules and daily routine. That being said, I can’t stress how important it is to start school off right. At the beginning of the year, you set a tone ( though you may not think so) for how you will do the rest of the year. So here are 5 things to help get your year started in the right direction.


1) Get a planner (and use it)

Getting a planner and sticking to using it is the best advice I can give. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just something functional. Most High Schools nowadays give out their own planners at the beginning of the school year which is really awesome ( because now you don’t have to pay for one). Find a system that works best for you but just make sure to stick with it. Your stress levels will thank you later.


2) Do your homework as soon as you get home

This is another one of those things that I cannot stress enough. Getting into a good habit of doing your homework as soon as you get home allows you time to do your homework with the rest of the night to relax. Plus, if you do your homework now you won’t be stressing about it the night before it is due.


3) Do your homework when it is assigned

Numbers two and three go hand in hand with each other. Doing your homework the day it assigned leaves so much stress out of the equation. Especially if you are on a block schedule like mine, this leaves a whole day to email your teacher if something goes wrong or to get help. Trust me, this really is a life saver and it will make your school life so much more enjoyable.


4) Branch out of your comfort zone

High school is all about becoming the person you are supposed to be. This meaning, that if you don’t go out and try new things then you won’t know if you are really gifted at them. I remember I was so terrified about trying out for drama and I ended up getting into the play and having an incredible experience. I made so many new friends that I would never have met otherwise!


5) Be yourself

I know everyone says this but it really is true. If you are yourself you will find people that like you and those are the types of people you really want to be friends with. No one likes someone who is fake so being yourself and finding some life-long friends is what I think is the best way to go. Some of my friends and other people I love dearly were found this way.


I will leave you with this quote from Dr. Seuss ” Today you are you, that is truer than true. Because no one will be more youer than you”



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