School Supplies: When you’re the only person thinking about paper products in July


School Supplies: A forever obsession

I have been obsessed with school supplies since I was very young. Every one of my friends growing up spent lots of time picking out school supplies for the upcoming school year. It was a status symbol at my school, everyone and their best friends had the best and coolest ( usually Japanese) school supplies, or you were out.

This status of school supplies and stationery, in general,gave way to an obsession and a fascination that I have today.  However, I don’t think that of all the possible things to be slightly neurotic about this is a bad one. Now, to get to the whole point of this post.

If you’re someone like me: Someone who is O.C.D with notes and generally obsessive with pens and such; someone who pushes themselves to wait until July to even think about getting school supplies for the upcoming month; and someone who spends a decent amount of time looking at planners, pens, and organizational ideas on Pinterest – You understand what I mean when I say ” failing to plan is planning to fail”

Our neuroticism comes from a deep rooted need for control, order, and organization in our lives. We want to control one of the hardest things in our lives, school, in order to regain some peace from our ever constant worry of something unimportant.

My advice to myself, and to you this summer is to spend more time enjoying the day rather than enjoying thinking and planning the future. There will always be a time that we can look to the future and prepare ourselves for the unknown. But, there will never be another present and so we must accept it, like a gift.

Afterall, that is why they call the present, the present. It is a gift and we should always remember to cherish it.






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