Buy or Bye: Alice through the looking glass palette

Hello, interwebs! Welcome to a new segment ( that I totally stole from youtube) called Buy or Bye!  Today I will be reviewing the Alice through the looking glass palette that was made by Urban Decay. Now, I have to preface this saying that I am not in anyway a makeup professional. Heck, for crying out loud I am a sixteen-year-old girl there is no way in heck that I could be a makeup professional whilst I am still waging the war against acne. Nevertheless, I know good makeup when I use it and I am frequently the one who does makeup on my friends for dances and such. As they say, take my review with a grain of salt.

Alright! So to start off first impressions were very good. I saw the palette a few weeks before the movie came out and I was immediately intrigued. The packaging is just what you would expect from an Alice in wonderland palette. Very sleek and colorful as well as fun and ergonomic. I especially like how you can take out the “drawer” with the eyeshadows inside to make it a little bit easier to handle, which is what I found myself doing over the course of the 5 days that I have owned it.

As for the shadows themselves, I have to say that I am not surprised. The quality is just what you would expect from urban decay shadows. They are very pigmented, creamy, and blend nicely. There are one or two of the glitter shadows that don’t quite match the standard, but all in all the shadows are very high quality.

Overall, I would say that if you are an Alice in wonderland fan, like myself, this is the palette for you. After seeing the movie I couldn’t go without this palette in my life. It is fairly expensive at $60 but for Urban decay that isn’t something that we aren’t used to already. I have loved this palette since getting it and have been wearing it almost every day so I would say this is a definite…



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