April: A Month In Review

April is a month like any other. In my life, April is filled with Birthdays, sprinting towards summer, and finally sprinting towards finals. For our students ( such as me) April is a month where we do one of two things: One, study hard to keep our grades up before finals. Two, freak out because finals are coming. Personally, April is one of the most stressful months because of finals. Finals ( even in high school) stress kids out so completely that some of my friends were hospitalized because of their panic attacks leading to other health issues. As some advice, coming from someone who knows this all too well, treat everyone with respect and extra compassion this month because some of us are struggling.

On a more positive note, April is also a month of trying new things. Much like what I said in January; April is a time in which we can experience a rebirth in the changing of the seasons. When spring rolls around there’s always the usual spring cleaning and such. However in our house, we usually focus more on our personal lives. April is a time for branching out, much like the new trees adding new branches we too have to add new aspects of our lives. I recommend branching out within your social life. I am not exactly the most social person and I really wish that I was. I always regretted not changing more when I came into High School to be the social butterfly that I wish I was. So this spring, I am making new friends and building relationships to lead to the fun summer nights.


Spring is all about change. This is why I believe like always, we should really examine ourselves and branch out of our comfort zones to try new and exciting things!


Until next time, stay classy interwebs,

Julia C


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