Ipsy: A review of this beauty subscription service

Since just subscribing to Ipsy I wanted to make a post about how I liked it and what I thought about the service as a whole.

Ipsy is a beauty monthly subscription service created by Michelle Phan. In short, you get 5 to 6 makeup products that are specially tailored for you. Each month has a different theme along with various looks that the ipsy models post on their various social media accounts. You also get a cute little makeup bag as a bonus. The subscription is $11 a month including shipping, making this subscription super affordable.

As for my review, so far I love it. All of the products were really nice and I liked every single one of them. I received 5 makeup products and a makeup brush. All of the products were something that I would pick normally if I were to buy something so getting them in the subscription was really nice. I have yet to try the products ( besides the brush) but I can tell I will be Impressed. Michelle Phan certainly did her work well and this bag is absolutely amazing.

In conclusion, If you love makeup and can afford to spend the $11 a month, go ahead and do it. This is a really awesome little treat to help start your month out right and to try some products that you may not normally try, but would like anyway. Personally, I am really excited to see what ipsy sends over next. I will be posting pictures and a full video review on my youtube channel when that goes live!


Stay classy interwebs!

  • Julia C.

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