January: A month in review

January was an interesting month to say the least. However, each month comes and goes so I thought I would write about each month and some things that I have gathered in that particular month. Some of these things will be good, others bad. Either way, your learning something.


1) Trying to be good at everything is actually impossible.

– I’ve been rehearsing for my school musical ” Bye! Bye! Byrdie!” in which I have tried my hardest to be my best each day. When I just realized that there are going to be days in which I simply can’t figure out what the heck that dance move is. And that is perfectly alright.


2) Letting go of the past isn’t as easy as it looks

– You may think that some wounds have healed. Its been a long time and you fully believe that your ready to face the bullets again. Until in one instant your wall you spent so much time building up is broken down by resurfacing memories. Sometimes you see your ex happily dancing with his new girlfriend and you can’t help thinking that ” it was suppose to be me” trust me, that sad girl was me last night. The main point is that you can’t let moments like this. That is something I have to work on as well.

3) Spending time with friends, even if it turns out melancholy is better than not going at all.

– Like I said in the previous point sometimes that fun girls night just doesn’t turn out quite as fun as you had imagined. However, going out and being with your friends no matter how the outcome is, is better than not going at all. No matter how absolutely horrendous the night turned out.

4) Sometimes you really just need some time alone

– Although I just said that going out with friends is almost always better than staying home alone, sometimes you just need to. Staying home and letting yourself relax and not have to worry about impressing anyone can be a much needed mental health break. Sometimes you just need some time to yourself and it really can do wonders.

Hopefully some of this was helpful, January was a weird month so hopefully February is a more… normal? month.


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