Glam Planning part two: The planner

This is part two of my planning series where I will be explaining a little bit about the world of glam planning and what one might do to get into this mysterious world. In the last part I briefly talked about glam planning and some of the basic steps in order to get started, as well as my opinions about the planner I have used and the reasons why I plan.

In this section, I wanted to talk more about the Erin Condren Planner.


What is Erin Condren and why should I choose Erin Condren?

Erin Condren is a self made planner line based in the states. Every planner they make is made by hand from the printing and design and even the coiling of the planners themselves. Honestly I give them props for that! Most of you probably don’t understand how difficult it is to coil something, but trust me it’s really really hard. However much I love Erin Condren, their products are not easy on the wallet. An average Erin Condren planner ( I bought mine from Staples) for somewhere around $40 to $50 dollars on their website. However expensive these planners may be, as a planner addict and as someone who can appreciate nice things, this is totally worth it. For someone starting out however, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Choosing a bargain brand planner from target or staples with all the things you like in it for a cheaper price might help you figure out if glam planning is right for you, and to figure out your style of planning.

Well, I hope this was helpful please stick around for another part!


  • Top two images are my Erin Condren and the bottom two images are my Arc Disc Bound system.

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