Top 10 things to try in the new year

Top 10 things to try in the new year


I know that not all of the things are going to be something that everyone can do or enjoy but here are some things that might inspire some new habits in the new year. 


1) glam planning 

Of course this being my blog I have to have glam planning somewhere on the list. I think organizing your life in a written format is always something in the positive direction. This may be relaxing or even therapeutic for some people. Personally, I find that I know my day and everything is organized makes me feel more relaxed and calm about other things in my life. Now I know planning in this particular fashion may not be for some people. But I do suggest some form of getting plans in order even if it is just putting reminders and plans on your phone or computer to relieve some stress and create organizational habits.


2) cooking 

Now I know a lot of people say they can’t cook but in my eyes everyone can cook. Following a recipient from Pinterest or even an old cookbook everyone can do. You may not have the taste or the feel for cooking but after some practice and instruction everyone can cook. At least having someone come over and help you make some home cooked meals will do nothing but create happiness. 


3) getting out more with friends 

I think everyone could get out a little more to the people in their lives will never impact your life in a negative way. Well, unless you have negative people in your life but I can’t help with that. Spending some time doing some fun activity with your friends will end in good times and happy memories. I would suggest activities like: paint balling, an art class, movie night, sleepovers, beach days, roller skating, ice skating and more. 

4) waking up earlier or going to bed earlier 


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