Glam Planning: An Introduction

As I have mentioned before, Glam planning has been a hobby of mine since about august of this year. Glam planning, in short is using a planner in a fuctional and decorative way. The most popular planners consit of: Erin condren, Kiki K, Filofax, MAMBI happy planner, and ARC discbound systems. There are certainly more that I am not mentioning but these are all of the ones that I hear about the most. As for planners that I have used, the list is certainly not short. From using school planners since the third grade and other generic planners since freshman year of high school I can tell you that I have been an advocate of planners from a young age. There is something about wrighting things down that helps commit things to memory.
Since the start of my glam planning hobby, youtube has been my best friend. In fact, youtube is the reason that my glam planning obsession ( as most people would call it) started. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon the glam planning world but, it had something to do with me searching for a horizontal planner for school. I realised after sometime that the regular generic planners just werent what I was looking for. Being a student I needed lots of room for homework and assignments and a general functionality that my small 5×7 school planner didn’t create.  After some time I had realised that I knew of a brand that made planners that were customizable, ARC. Now after delving deeper into the planning communtity I realised that the ARC planners really werent as amazing as I once thought they were, but for my needs at first.
The ARC system:
Now, the ARC system comes with a few basic components. The cover, the insert and the rings. Arc is a discbound system, this meaning that the way that the ARC system is bound is with discs. These discs allow for the whole pro to buying an Arc system is the customizablility. The Arc system has a special punch that allows you to take the pages in and out at whim. This feature was the exact reason that I was first drawn to the system not to mention that they had a horizontal planner layout, but I will get back to that later. Some of the cons include the fact that the arc system isn’t very reliable. Since product in Staples stores vary, you never really know when new inserts are coming out and other things like that. Since I started late into 2015 there were quite a few months that I had to trash since they had already pasted. Meaning that I had a solid 4 months to figure out if I liked this planner system and then buy new planner inserts at the beginning of december ( after much searching to try to find the inerts themselves). Now back to the horizontal layout, I think ( and many people will disagree with me) that the horizontal layout is superior to a vertical layout. Personally, the vertical layout just doesn’t give me enough space to write down all of my classes and my personal appointments. The horizontal layout gave me plenty of space to write down all of the nessisary information plus all of my personal stuff. However, as I mentioned earlier, the Arc system wasn’t really something I liked planning in.
After delving even depper into the planner community and watching hundreds of hours of youtube videos before bed, I decided to change into the Erin Condren for the new year. I can’t say much yet about the Erin Condren system since I havent planned in it yet. However, I have done some pre-planning ( adding in school holidays and school schedules etc) and I can say so far that I love it. The planner is so cute and sylish and it gives me plenty of room but in a more stylish way. Not to mention that most sticker makers make stickers solely for the EC makes it so much easier to shop.
As I am wrighting this, noticing how long it is getting, I will seperate this post into 4 parts. The last two parts being pictures of how I plan and some resources.
Until next time!!!

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