A crystal philosophy

 First things first, yes I am a sixteen year old girl. No, I am not starting this blog to talk about ” hot teen guys” and what fashion trends are taking over my school ( I go to a private school with uniforms anyway). This blog is for the sheer enjoyment of sharing things I am excited about with the people of the interwebs.
    As somewhat of an introduction, as well as I can get since this is a blog, I will start with a basic summary of my interests and a little bit about my philosophy’s that I have gathered thus far in my life. My Name is Julia and I am 16 years old. I go to Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego, California and am currently a Junior, loving every minute of it. I want to go into some kind of art field in the future, leaning toward graphic design. My top college right now is University of Washington because I loved the city of Seattle when I visited last summer plus, my favorite type of weather is cold and rainy. My favorite subject in school besides art ( duh) is psychology and sociology. I am currently enrolled in my sociology course ( sadly ending soon) and I have loved every minute of it. Not only because I was blessed with an amazing teacher, I enjoyed learning about some of the inner mechanisms of what makes us human.
  As for other things that I like I will be doing another post about 50 things about myself to start this thing off. Now, about what this blog will consist of. As I can’t really foresee where this is going to go, let’s just say a little bit of everything. For certain there will be a lot of art and photography, things about glam planning, and lots and lots of my families favorite recipes. There will also be a lot about little bits of information and mindsets that sometimes I believe people need reminding of.
  For example, I would now like to share with you one of my favorite quotes of all time, which helps keep me going a good number of the time.
” No one is stupid. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will grow up its whole life believing that it is useless” – Albert Einstein
This quote in its entirety helps me try to keep a positive attitude most of the time. This being extremely difficult when I am a realist borderline pessimist when it comes to most things. However, I realize that sometime having this outlook is not helpful for me or the people around me, so I’ve mostly changed my ways. This quote helps me understand that despite my failures, my failures do not define me as a person nor do they dictate how my future will end up.
So as a somewhat conclusion to a somewhat introduction, my whole outlook on life is to always look toward the future because the past is already over. The person who you were then and the person you will be are two completely different people. Even though I believe people don’t truly change, as I said before the choices you made in the past don’t define your fate ( of choices) in the future.
But hey this is just my opinion 🙂
Bear with my probable terrible grammar and lets start on this blog journey together.
– Julia aka Crystalsflame



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