Tried and Tested: Pinterest Recipes

Here are my top 5 tried and tested Pinterest recipes that me and my family have loved. I will attach the link to every recipe and some side notes to edit the dish if you so please.


1) Slow Cooker Pot Roast


Side note: For the rub on the meat I used Lawrys season salt with rosemary and it tastes amazing. For smaller roasts cut the fast and slow cooking times in half and I would use red potatoes in stead of the russet or baking potatoes because they cook up better and more evenly.

2) Churro Cupcakes


Side note: For this recipe I opted out of making home made frosting and just used regular icing with added cinnamon. After decorating I used coarse sugar and cinnamon for decoration. These were absolutely delicious.

3) Creamy Four Cheese Garlic pasta


Side note: You can use whatever cheeses you prefer. I have tried this with multiple different types of melting cheeses and it works really well. It is on the heavier side so if you watching your wait this is not for you. Personally I add some cumin, a bay leaf, and some pepper flakes for some extra flavor that I don’t think the original recipe gives.

4) Cilantro Lime Shrimp


Side note: Make this all the time. Its a family favorite and you can’t go wrong with it. Just make sure not to overcook the shrimp and make sure they are deveined before cooking.


5) Balsamic Glased Salmonf375b438c1a1fbdfdecdbd2a87fb13b3.jpg

Side note: Make sure you don’t over reduce the glaze because it can become bitter. Also, adding some sort of a toasted nut topping would be a delicious addition. If you were to add this topping I would suggest walnuts due to their mild flavor, so that they don’t overpower the overall taste of the salmon. Fresh Alaskan Salmon preferred.


Glam Planning part two: The planner

This is part two of my planning series where I will be explaining a little bit about the world of glam planning and what one might do to get into this mysterious world. In the last part I briefly talked about glam planning and some of the basic steps in order to get started, as well as my opinions about the planner I have used and the reasons why I plan.

In this section, I wanted to talk more about the Erin Condren Planner.


What is Erin Condren and why should I choose Erin Condren?

Erin Condren is a self made planner line based in the states. Every planner they make is made by hand from the printing and design and even the coiling of the planners themselves. Honestly I give them props for that! Most of you probably don’t understand how difficult it is to coil something, but trust me it’s really really hard. However much I love Erin Condren, their products are not easy on the wallet. An average Erin Condren planner ( I bought mine from Staples) for somewhere around $40 to $50 dollars on their website. However expensive these planners may be, as a planner addict and as someone who can appreciate nice things, this is totally worth it. For someone starting out however, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Choosing a bargain brand planner from target or staples with all the things you like in it for a cheaper price might help you figure out if glam planning is right for you, and to figure out your style of planning.

Well, I hope this was helpful please stick around for another part!


  • Top two images are my Erin Condren and the bottom two images are my Arc Disc Bound system.

Top 10 things to try in the new year

Top 10 things to try in the new year


I know that not all of the things are going to be something that everyone can do or enjoy but here are some things that might inspire some new habits in the new year. 


1) glam planning 

Of course this being my blog I have to have glam planning somewhere on the list. I think organizing your life in a written format is always something in the positive direction. This may be relaxing or even therapeutic for some people. Personally, I find that I know my day and everything is organized makes me feel more relaxed and calm about other things in my life. Now I know planning in this particular fashion may not be for some people. But I do suggest some form of getting plans in order even if it is just putting reminders and plans on your phone or computer to relieve some stress and create organizational habits.


2) cooking 

Now I know a lot of people say they can’t cook but in my eyes everyone can cook. Following a recipient from Pinterest or even an old cookbook everyone can do. You may not have the taste or the feel for cooking but after some practice and instruction everyone can cook. At least having someone come over and help you make some home cooked meals will do nothing but create happiness. 


3) getting out more with friends 

I think everyone could get out a little more to the people in their lives will never impact your life in a negative way. Well, unless you have negative people in your life but I can’t help with that. Spending some time doing some fun activity with your friends will end in good times and happy memories. I would suggest activities like: paint balling, an art class, movie night, sleepovers, beach days, roller skating, ice skating and more. 

4) waking up earlier or going to bed earlier 

20 Things About Me

1) My name is Julia C
2) I am 16 years old and go to Cathedral Catholic High School
3) My favorite subjects are art and sociology
4) My favorite starbucks drink is a Decaf Peppermint Mocha
5) My favorite television show is Once upon a time or Downton Abbey
6) My favorite movie is Princess bride or the 2001 Live action Peter Pan
7) My favorite disney character is Tinkerbell
8) My favorite food is Fettuchine Alfredo
9) My Hobbies are: Drawing, painting, glam planning and photography.
10) My favorite place in the world is Buschart gardens in Victoira, BC
11)  Someday I want to visit Japan
12)  I am a big fan of japanese animation
13) Someday I want to go to all of the Disney parks around the world
14) I am a HUGE Disney nerd and I collect disney pins
15) I want to go to University of Washington for college. As an art major
16) My favorite band is Fall out Boy
17) Glam planning is one of my favorite hobbies and I am an advocate for writing down appoinments as apposed to putting them in my phone.
18) My favorite youtuber is either Good Mythical Morning or Matthiasiam but there are so many good ones
19) If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in Japan or Seatlle, Washinton
20) I love baking and cooking. All of my friends tell me that I should open a resturaunt.

Glam Planning: An Introduction

As I have mentioned before, Glam planning has been a hobby of mine since about august of this year. Glam planning, in short is using a planner in a fuctional and decorative way. The most popular planners consit of: Erin condren, Kiki K, Filofax, MAMBI happy planner, and ARC discbound systems. There are certainly more that I am not mentioning but these are all of the ones that I hear about the most. As for planners that I have used, the list is certainly not short. From using school planners since the third grade and other generic planners since freshman year of high school I can tell you that I have been an advocate of planners from a young age. There is something about wrighting things down that helps commit things to memory.
Since the start of my glam planning hobby, youtube has been my best friend. In fact, youtube is the reason that my glam planning obsession ( as most people would call it) started. I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon the glam planning world but, it had something to do with me searching for a horizontal planner for school. I realised after sometime that the regular generic planners just werent what I was looking for. Being a student I needed lots of room for homework and assignments and a general functionality that my small 5×7 school planner didn’t create.  After some time I had realised that I knew of a brand that made planners that were customizable, ARC. Now after delving deeper into the planning communtity I realised that the ARC planners really werent as amazing as I once thought they were, but for my needs at first.
The ARC system:
Now, the ARC system comes with a few basic components. The cover, the insert and the rings. Arc is a discbound system, this meaning that the way that the ARC system is bound is with discs. These discs allow for the whole pro to buying an Arc system is the customizablility. The Arc system has a special punch that allows you to take the pages in and out at whim. This feature was the exact reason that I was first drawn to the system not to mention that they had a horizontal planner layout, but I will get back to that later. Some of the cons include the fact that the arc system isn’t very reliable. Since product in Staples stores vary, you never really know when new inserts are coming out and other things like that. Since I started late into 2015 there were quite a few months that I had to trash since they had already pasted. Meaning that I had a solid 4 months to figure out if I liked this planner system and then buy new planner inserts at the beginning of december ( after much searching to try to find the inerts themselves). Now back to the horizontal layout, I think ( and many people will disagree with me) that the horizontal layout is superior to a vertical layout. Personally, the vertical layout just doesn’t give me enough space to write down all of my classes and my personal appointments. The horizontal layout gave me plenty of space to write down all of the nessisary information plus all of my personal stuff. However, as I mentioned earlier, the Arc system wasn’t really something I liked planning in.
After delving even depper into the planner community and watching hundreds of hours of youtube videos before bed, I decided to change into the Erin Condren for the new year. I can’t say much yet about the Erin Condren system since I havent planned in it yet. However, I have done some pre-planning ( adding in school holidays and school schedules etc) and I can say so far that I love it. The planner is so cute and sylish and it gives me plenty of room but in a more stylish way. Not to mention that most sticker makers make stickers solely for the EC makes it so much easier to shop.
As I am wrighting this, noticing how long it is getting, I will seperate this post into 4 parts. The last two parts being pictures of how I plan and some resources.
Until next time!!!

A crystal philosophy

 First things first, yes I am a sixteen year old girl. No, I am not starting this blog to talk about ” hot teen guys” and what fashion trends are taking over my school ( I go to a private school with uniforms anyway). This blog is for the sheer enjoyment of sharing things I am excited about with the people of the interwebs.
    As somewhat of an introduction, as well as I can get since this is a blog, I will start with a basic summary of my interests and a little bit about my philosophy’s that I have gathered thus far in my life. My Name is Julia and I am 16 years old. I go to Cathedral Catholic High School in San Diego, California and am currently a Junior, loving every minute of it. I want to go into some kind of art field in the future, leaning toward graphic design. My top college right now is University of Washington because I loved the city of Seattle when I visited last summer plus, my favorite type of weather is cold and rainy. My favorite subject in school besides art ( duh) is psychology and sociology. I am currently enrolled in my sociology course ( sadly ending soon) and I have loved every minute of it. Not only because I was blessed with an amazing teacher, I enjoyed learning about some of the inner mechanisms of what makes us human.
  As for other things that I like I will be doing another post about 50 things about myself to start this thing off. Now, about what this blog will consist of. As I can’t really foresee where this is going to go, let’s just say a little bit of everything. For certain there will be a lot of art and photography, things about glam planning, and lots and lots of my families favorite recipes. There will also be a lot about little bits of information and mindsets that sometimes I believe people need reminding of.
  For example, I would now like to share with you one of my favorite quotes of all time, which helps keep me going a good number of the time.
” No one is stupid. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will grow up its whole life believing that it is useless” – Albert Einstein
This quote in its entirety helps me try to keep a positive attitude most of the time. This being extremely difficult when I am a realist borderline pessimist when it comes to most things. However, I realize that sometime having this outlook is not helpful for me or the people around me, so I’ve mostly changed my ways. This quote helps me understand that despite my failures, my failures do not define me as a person nor do they dictate how my future will end up.
So as a somewhat conclusion to a somewhat introduction, my whole outlook on life is to always look toward the future because the past is already over. The person who you were then and the person you will be are two completely different people. Even though I believe people don’t truly change, as I said before the choices you made in the past don’t define your fate ( of choices) in the future.
But hey this is just my opinion 🙂
Bear with my probable terrible grammar and lets start on this blog journey together.
– Julia aka Crystalsflame